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Jays option Roenicke; Tallet to be activated Tuesday

Posted by GameSetMatch on June 1st, 2010

The Toronto Blue Jays optioned reliever Josh Roenicke to triple-A Las Vegas on Monday night and will activate lefty Brian Tallet to start Tuesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Roenicke is 1-0 in nine games with 4.97 earned-run average, but his 11 walks in 12 2-3 innings were a concern.

“We want him to go back and work on his control a little bit,” manager Cito Gaston said after a 3-2 win over the Rays. “He’s probably the hardest throwing right-hander out of that bullpen right now, but he does have control problems at times.”

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One Response to “Jays option Roenicke; Tallet to be activated Tuesday”

  1. dieta Says:

    Louis Montreal made a terrible trade with the Yankees giving away John Wetteland for some stiff named Fernado Seguignol and Grissom was shipped to Atlanta. Montreal won only 68 games in 95 and finished 5th in the NL East.The 1994 fire sale is the biggest reason why there is no longer baseball in Montreal. Without their star players the team struggled and they lost fan support.Now I understand there are some factors that made the Expos cut cost like the Canadian dollar was worth much less then the U.S dollar in the 90s which made it more expensive to pay players salaries. But people will go see a winning team it doesnt matter what sport people want to watch their hometown team win. So a better team and thus an increase in attendance would help pay players salaries.Also I believe that there would have been a very high chance that many of the star players would have stayed in Montreal if they were given the money or if they werent traded away. The best example of this is Walker who signed with Colorado in 95 and continued to put up monster numbers there. But if Montreal made him a fair offer I believed that he would have stayed with them. First is Larry is a Canadian and I think he would have loved to become the poster boy of Canadian baseball which he would have become if he continued to play there. Second the Rockies didnt overwhelm him with an offer he couldnt refuse. Colorado only payed him a little over 5 million a year from 95-99 while Montreal was paying him an average of 3.5 million a year from 93 to 94. If the Expos offered him something from 5-7 million a year I believe he would have signed.Next Moises Alou would have stayed an Expo if he was offered the money too. In December of 1996 Alou signed with the Florida Marlins and then later led them to a World Series in 1997. Florida didnt overpay for Alou only paying him around 1.5 million more than the Expos were paying him the previous two seasons. The biggest reason why Moises would have remained a Expo is because his father Felipe Alou was the manager.The John Wetteland trade to the Yankees didnt make any sense to me. I understand that Montreal was trying to save money by trading Wetteland and that talented reliever Mel Rojas would replace him as closer but why would they trade a consistent and reliable closer for only one prospect when they should have gotten multiple prospects?Thats like the Royals trading Joakim Soria for just one prospect. Its basic baseball knowledge to trade star players for multiple prospects. That was a panic move by the Expos.

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